Arne Hansen

Arne Hansen

Managing Director

Work History & Feedback

Arne Hansen is a creator of strategies for technology and data in the built environment.

For over a decade, Arne has managed major infrastructure projects for over 20 large residential, commercial and industrial projects for clients such as CSIRO, NSW Department of Education, Vicinity Centres, Lend Lease, AMP Capital, Mirvac, Intel, NRMA and Parmalat amongst others.

His main focus and skillset bridges the divide between operational technology and information technology.

The depth of his knowledge combined with his ability to communicate complex concepts to diverse audiences, coupled with his experience makes for a valuable industry consultant.

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Creator of strategies for technology and data in the built environment.

From government or corporate property portfolios to energy networks, we have the experience to provide research and architect systems to collect and process vast quantities of data from disparate sources. From there we provide solutions to enact model predictive control, fault detection and diagnostics as well as prepare for integration with the two-way grid, due in 2025.

Having worked with leading property trusts and government research institutions, we have the long-term real-world experience of acquiring and processing data using agile development methodologies.

Consultants to CSIROs iHub Data Clearing House project, proponents of building-to-grid technologies and the two-way-grid, participants in UN Mission Innovation conferences and International Energy Agency annex meetings, advisory service to leading Real Estate Investment Trusts.

Conducting vendor and product research, developing user stories, concept designs, functional requirements and specifications along with procurement, project management and QA testing are all services commonly used by our advisory clients.

Our real-world experience with metering/telemetery, renewable energy and building automation systems provides us with the ability to consider holistic strategy that incorporates a focus on all aspects of energy management: real-time monitoring and control of metering, solar and battery inverters, HVAC systems and more; fault detection and diagnostics; model predictive controls; integration into the two-way-grid and future market structures.


  • Participant in the IEA/EBC Annex 81 on data-driven smart buildings
  • Software architect for rapid cost assessment software
  • Keen modeller and controls simulator
  • Business owner and manager


Technology -- 95%
Communication -- 90%
Programming -- 70%