iHub Smart Building Data Clearing House (DCH)

CSIRO & AIRAH – 1m ARENA funded energy control and integration program in NSW schools

Executive summary

We are proud to be a leading consultant for the i-Hub Smart Buildings Data Clearing House (DCH) – A software platform for owners and operators of existing or new commercial, industrial, government, and mixed-use developments. The DCH solution is designed to solve common data-related problems by collecting, consolidating, processing and securely sharing building data.

By making smart building data more accessible, the DCH will drive innovation amongst a broad ecosystem of participating service providers, leading to better products, increased competition, lower prices, and an increased value proposition for participants.


Website: ihub.org.au


Location: Australia

Industry: Software-as-a-service (SaaS)

Governing bodies: CSIRO & AIRAH

Key outcomes

Consolidate building data from various sources.

Realise a standardised approach to asset management.

Meet diverse electricity network and market requirements.

Integrate with popular commercial vendor systems.

Challenges – the many

In our experience, the following data issues are limiting building and portfolio owners and operators:

  • Inability to consolidate data from multiple disconnected systems and service providers.
  • Experience vendor lock-in, inflexible proprietary hardware and software solutions with high fees. And generally, lack of confidence in the ability of vendor solutions to deliver on benefits as claimed.
  • Acquiring a property often means technology uplift and retrofit to suit organisational need.
  • Limited ability to respond to events onsite in a timely manner, such as the ability to manage peak electricity demand before charges are set for the whole year. Or the ability to prevent customer ‘churn’ rates by responding to need.


We were engaged as the leading technology consultant to provide domain-specific knowledge on building-to-grid applications. And to leverage our relationships in the property sector.

One of our primary tasks was to source opportunities for pilot projects across a broad range of building typologies; commercial, industrial, government, and mixed-use.

Evolve to best-of-breed technology solutions and intelligence

Does your organisation have:

A class-leading strategy that reduces costs and delivers benefits from smart building technologies?

A solid plan to meet net-zero commitments and the transformation of the energy sector?

If the answer is no, then we can help…

Contact a BE consultant to have a chat about smart building technologies and how they can benefit your organisation or check out our new modelling tool and/or case studies for practical examples of our work.

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