Danish Smart Grid Marketplace

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by Arne Hansen/ on 01 May 2023

Danish Smart Grid Marketplace

Centre Denmark shows how industry and government have collaborated to create an energy data platform to enable application development and unlock innovation in transactive energy.

by Arne Hansen

Centre Denmark is the transactive energy data platform designed to rapidly assist with the transformation of the grid.

Buildings Evolved applauds the development of such an innovation.


Data collection

Centre Denmark is designed to bring together energy consumers, generators, distributors along with academia and application developers to unlock innovation in the Danish energy sector. Currently spanning 200,000 danish households, industry and transmission/distribution infrastructure.

The energy data platform supports several utility data sources including:

  • electricity;
  • district heating; and
  • water

Data analysis

The Centre Denmark platform uses AI technologies such as Machine Learning and Deep Learning to provide insights into consumer behaviour and patterns. Workflows can be run against real-time data sets to provide imputed or calculated outcomes.

Fostering a community

Centre Denmark has established a “digital energy hub” - a workplace for innovators in digital transformation of the energy sector. It provides an office and lab to enable access to the latest in digital toolsets from visualisation to simulation and control. Further, it connects industry with academia, unlocking access to the state-of-art ensuring that time and money isn’t wasted on duplicating already existing innovations.


The platform is providing academia and application developers access to real-world datasets with the intention of creating a new marketplace for innovative applications targeted at helping reduce waste via optimisation, scheduling and identification of faults/leaks.

Currently the platform is intended to foster the development of a community around the datasets. Centre Denmark recognises the transformative nature of energy data being made available, and sees a future where this will deliver significant benefits to the Danish economy, environment and society.

Buildings Evolved sees this as a pathway for other economies to follow as an exemplar of a transformative digital infrastructure.

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