01. Our Mission

To improve the built environment for occupants, operators and the broader community through optimisation of technology in property.

  • Improved occupant experiences & amenity
  • Enable grid-interactive buildings
  • Target new and existing buildings
  • Provide best-in-class tools and service

02. Our Approach

We use proven technology from industry & academia to support regulatory requirements and speed up the adoption of data-driven optimised smart buildings.

  • Leverage knowledge from academia
  • Be data-driven - for speed
  • Be model-driven - for detail
  • Use right tool for the right job

03. Our Philosophy

The correct application of technology in property can improve occupant experiences, assist in an organisation’s ESG goals and align expectations to that of regulators the community at large.

  • Effective action on climate requires rapid change
  • Proptech is critical to reducing carbon emissions
  • Grid-interactivity allows a paradigm shift towards energy demand matching supply
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About Us

Providing data & model driven solutions to sustainably improve occupant experiences

We are leading specialists in the design & delivery of proptech & cleantech solutions for smart building projects. We focus on improving occupant experiences while using less resources by deploying optimised control strategies.

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Data-driven smart building


   Rapid Cost Assessment

Rapid Cost Assessment

Energy related design considerations are increasingly important to achieve certifications, both voluntary and mandatory.

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  Building Energy Modelling

Building Energy Modelling

Buildings can use 30% less electricity and reduce electrical maximum demand by up to 50% - simply by optimising the control of existing plant & equipment.

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  Demand Flexibility

Demand Flexibility

Buildings configured to operate to respond to price signals or other mechanisms (eg wholesale demand response management) can be defined as building-to-grid.

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Our company has an experienced


Arne Hansen

Managing Director

Lindsay Rex

Commercial Director

Kersten Schmidt

Consulting Engineer