Company bio

We are Australia’s leading specialist in the delivery of technology strategy and solutions for smart building projects. We provide value-added consulting services that are utilised in the design, procurement, and implementation phases to drive efficiency, sustainability, and mandatory reporting programs.

Drawing upon over a decade of industry experience in a wide range of roles related to advanced building systems, we bring technology vision to reality with a focus on optimising overarching processes and improving long-term value for the owners and occupants of smart building assets.

Our partnerships with academia, industry and the commercial sectors deliver cutting-edge, best-of-breed technologies that ensure effective, turn-key solutions, from design, procurement and integration, to operational management, ongoing control, evaluation and maintenance.

Structure & governance

Buildings Evolved is a registered company operating in Australia since 2014 and are committed to high standards of corporate governance through a quality framework of stakeholder consultation, performance monitoring, risk, and ethical management processes.

The Buildings Evolved team regularly engage a range of contracted consultants in operations, finance, engineering and IT fields to meet project requirements. By engaging specialist services, we meet multifaceted, diverse and significant project requirements by employing the required skillsets in an agile and dynamic workflow methodology to deliver quality project outcomes.

Meet the team

Arne Hansen
Director & Senior Strategist

Arne Hansen is a creator of strategies for technology and data in the built environment. For over a decade, Arne has managed major infrastructure projects for over 20 large residential, commercial and industrial projects for clients such as CSIRO, NSW Department of Education, Vicinity Centres, Lend Lease, AMP Capital, Mirvac, Intel, NRMA and Parmalat amongst others. His main focus and skillset bridges the divide between operational technology and information technology. The depth of his knowledge combined with his ability to communicate complex concepts to diverse audiences are typical traits of a key person of influence, coupled with his experience makes for a valuable industry consultant.

Lindsay Rex
Commercial Director

Lindsay has delivered programs and worked as a Project Manager for 18 years facilitating cross-organisational working that shapes and influences the benefits of diverse workforces. Lindsay is adept at providing structured plans and setting clear objectives to implement strategy and drive the delivery of large-scale programs of work. Most recently he spent the last three years providing effective leadership and management at the London Borough of Hackney, UK as the ICT Infrastructure Manager with a team of sixteen engineers. Managing an operational budget of £2 million per annum, and a portfolio of 42 projects, Lindsay made targeted and effective savings each year by empowering the team to deliver projects in an agile and open way.

Ariel Tobey
IoT Consultant

Ariel is an IoT consultant delivering building-to-grid solutions and smart building strategies for BE for over 5 years.  His skill set covers marketing, business intelligence, data analytics, and communications. He employs creativity and logic when developing IoT systems and procedures for our clients. Having worked on multiple largescale projects with Lend Lease, Mirvac and Vicinity Centres, Ariel strives to deliver project outcomes that surpass organisational and market expectations and enact positive change.

Richard Smith
Dev Ops & Project Admin

Richard has worked with BE for many years. He is primary project administrator with a development and testing background. Richard has assisted with the development of the SMA Zabbix module, amongst many other projects. Richard manages our support and ticketing system.

Sustainability & community

Sustainability is about operating effectively and providing long-term value for clients and the wider community. Often, our work leads us to develop environmental management systems that are crucial for organisations to meet sustainability targets and regulatory requirements. We are committed to providing innovative systems and technologies that drive growth and eliminate redundancy and waste.

We believe that opportunity arises from good business practice, and a commitment to transparent and balanced business decisions that support positive social, economic and environmental outcomes.

Evolve to best-of-breed technology solutions and intelligence

Does your organisation have:

A class-leading strategy that reduces costs and delivers benefits from smart building technologies?

A solid plan to meet net-zero commitments and the transformation of the energy sector?

If the answer is no, then we can help…

Contact a BE consultant to have a chat about smart building technologies and how they can benefit your organisation or check out our new modelling tool and/or case studies for practical examples of our work.

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