Buildings. Evolved.

Smarter property portfolios engage us to deliver prop-tech strategies and financial modelling to de-risk investment, improve occupant experience, reduce costs and emissions, and provide new opportunities for energy management, grid integration and smart controls.

New value

Buildings are evolving, opportunity exists for smart buildings that can respond to internal and external operating conditions and support the energy system and market. We engage with our clients to produce a business case and strategy to reduce capital and operational costs, improve occupant experience, and provide smarter building technologies.

Model – technology requirements, financial costs and benefits.
Improve – occupant comfort, whilst reducing energy demand, costs and emissions
Ensure – the ROI of renewables and the value of IoT technologies.
Demonstrate – how smart controls and algorithms can generate income.
Fulfil – mandatory reporting obligations with ease and plan for net zero.

We help our clients to make confident investment decisions by providing a solid business case, financial analysis and payback periods to prove ROI.

Unlock potential

Our approach enables smart building owners to realise capability and unlock potential in the following areas:

Building energy management & environment
Save ~15% electricity usage by implementing a controls strategy to manage peak demand.
Save ~30% electricity usage by scheduling loads with model predictive controls.
Reduce carbon emissions and accurately report the results.

Generate income by providing demand response, FCAS and other network services.
Participate in the wholesale electricity market and avoid retailer margins.

Digital transformation
Identify redundant services and vendor systems. Some clients have covered their entire project cost by consolidating services and realising in-house capability.
Automating sustainability and mandatory reporting requirements as a result of digitalisation and a data-driven approach to operations.

Human-centric design
Boost creativity and productivity by reducing manual data gathering and curation, staff can focus attention on other areas. And achieving optimal thermal comfort and indoor environment quality.

How we do it

Our methodology ensures that technology is derived from a well-defined value proposition. This ensures we reduce duplication & waste, in turn improving operational effectiveness and presenting new growth opportunities.

From strategy and design to application, monitoring and feedback, we ensure maximum value is delivered from smart building energy management solutions and technologies.

Review – documentation and visit sites to determine needs and develop functional requirements.
Research – suitable technology and market options to inform the design process.
Model – engineering and financial inputs to determine technical feasibility, and evaluate benefits, ROI and payback periods.

Create – a design brief that satisfies needs, considering objectives, features, timings and budgets.
Document – technical specifications and plans that provide clear instructions for internal and external teams.

Procure – the best price, conditions and quality from the market by leveraging our relationships with the industry.

Develop – business intelligence reports, and program smart technology and control algorithms to satisfy functional requirements and deliver class-leading smart building functions.

Support – the implementation and integration of technology into business systems via quality management, monitoring and feedback.

Evaluate – assess output against strategy and design, each operational cycle is an opportunity to iterate, reimplement and improve.

Evolve to best-of-breed technology solutions and intelligence

Does your organisation have:

A class-leading strategy that reduces costs and delivers benefits from smart building technologies?

A solid plan to meet net-zero commitments and the transformation of the energy sector?

If the answer is no, then we can help…

Contact a BE consultant to have a chat about smart building technologies and how they can benefit your organisation or check out our new modelling tool and/or case studies for practical examples of our work.

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