ThyssenKrupp – Sideways Moving Elevator

ThyssenKrupp has released this amazing video of a sideways moving elevator system, installed at a purpose-built innovation test tower in Rottweil, Germany.

The vision is clearly to link multiple towers together through horizontal lift shafts – allowing a vertical community to emerge.

The system is a complete game changer – gone is the history underpinning elevator technology for the last 150 years, and instead we have a 21st century solution that dispenses with the traditional limitations of vertical transportation. Not only does it go horizontal, it allows multiple cars to traverse the same lift shaft at the same time.

The ropeless “multi” design uses a high-tech magnetic track to move cabins in either a horizontal or vertical plane. The track system is akin to that used in magnetic levitation trains through the use of linear motor technology.

Because there is no lift motor room, the lift shaft can be smaller, and fewer are required. Multiple lift cars can traverse the same piece of vertical track, allowing greater density in the given space.

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