Evolution = Strategy

A d a p t.  R e s p o n d.  G r o w.  E v o l v e.

Evolution = Strategy

Adapt. Respond. Grow. Evolve.


“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.” – Charles Darwin


Specialise in digital transformation of the built environment. Adapt to rapidly changing internal & external factors with standardised, scalable design. Respond by analysing data & optimising systems & processes programmatically, in real-time. Grow by digitalisation, removing duplication & eliminating redundant services. Evolve to a new era of building, grid & market intelligence.

Digital transformation

Conduct formative engagement and deliver strategic documentation to rationalise and reduce asset duplication and unnecessary vendor solutions for direct cost savings.

Best-in-class IoT domain expertise to derive information from operational technology, reduce data silos and realise unparalleled data availability for cross metrical analysis.

Open-standard technological solutions provide a future-proofed digital strategy ensuring freedom of choice in vendors, contractors and continual commissioning agents.

Portfolio optimisation

Realise a single-source-of-truth; a centralised data platform that distils, normalises and integrates disparate operational, environmental and financial data sources: HVAC, BMS, mandatory reporting, utilities and billing. In-house and/or in-the-cloud from a single site to an entire portfolio.

Leverage an asset register that describes the relational structures between operational plant and equipment for more efficient data management, maintenance ticketing and workflows.

Manage operations via real-time cloud-to-device signals programmatically; without the need for human intervention. Apply machine learning algorithms to dynamically analyse trends, detect abnormal conditions and receive automated alerts and alarms.

Building-to-grid strategies

Future proof your digital strategy with a horizontally integrated data platform that collects, consolidates, processes and securely shares building data for increased accessibility and benchmarking capability.

Leverage pre-built data connectors and APIs that reduce the cost of onboarding buildings and assets to a centralised system.

Expose operations to an application marketplace that drives innovation amongst a broad ecosystem of participating service providers, leading to better products, increased competition, lower prices and an increased value proposition for participants.

Realise the benefits of smart controls: model predictive control, programmatic demand response and peak demand management for efficiencies and income generation.